Investment Plans

Cadre Traders presents to you a total of 5 investment plans. Keeping in view the volatility of the market, we are offering sustainable plans because the risk factor of the industry is high and here we stand our place as we are offering the plans which are sustainable in terms of paying and does sound equally reasonable and realistic You may start with an initial investment of merely $10 in the first plan whereas the minimum for other plans are different.

Your capital is returned at the end while you keep earning the profits on daily basis within the given investment term. We hold your deposits for a period 5 days depending upon the plan you go for & the company deals in calendar days instead of business ones for having the shortest hold on your capital and providing the maximum profits we can in the meanwhile.

We are currently offering the following plans :

10% After

Plan Terms :

10% After 3 Days

Total Return :

110% (With Principal)

min-max deposits :

$10 to $99

Payment System :

Instant Withdraw

principal return :


min-max withdrawals :

$ 10 - Unlimited

Affiliate Program

We encourage our members to promote us and earn rewards for referring friends to us.
Cadre Traders is working on a 3-Tier System for users, offering 5% from your direct downline and 2% from your 2nd level and 0.5% from your 3rd level referrals.

For example your 1st level downline deposits $100, you'll receive $5 commission for it. $2 on the second level downline and $0.5 on the 3rd ones.

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